About Us

Kurtoğlu Industrial Products was established in 1989 in Istanbul. Kurtoğlu, which started manufacturing with the production of office steel goods, expanded its steel door manufacturing in 1990 in line with the developing market conditions.

Kurtoğlu is among the most important supplier companies of the construction industry with its products such as 100% wood-looking steel doors, fire doors and shaft covers, combining high production technology with expertise and handcraft.

Our company also provides high quality metal processing production and service with CNC machine parks. In addition, it continues its activities in the furniture sector. In the furniture part, it provides molding, hot and cold press, membrane press, CNC machines and MDF and model processing services.

Our goal in the near future is to dominate the largest percentage of production within and outside the country's borders. ...

What is MDF ?

MDF is the basic material in the furniture part in all living spaces such as homes and offices, in our entrance doors, steel doors, villa doors. In other words, MDF is present in many areas we touch. Well, how is MDF produced, which actually finds its place in every moment of our lives and makes us feel closer to nature?

How is MDF Produced?

Most of the MDF boards are wood. The wood pieces obtained after various processes of mixtures of hard and soft woods in a certain ratio are separated into fibers by means of special blades by giving intense steam. Then, special adhesives and hardeners that will enable these fibers to hold together are mixed with the fiber. The dried fibers are laid depending on the characteristics of the product desired to be produced homogeneously. After this process, the plate, whose outlines are given by the first pressing process, is subjected to the appropriate temperature and pressure with the second pressing, so that the fibers adhere to each other well. After the specified cooling per ...