Our Environmental Policies

As Kurtoğlu Industrial Products family, in order to protect our environment, to keep the environmental effects under control by complying with all environmental laws and regulations, to constantly improve our environmental awareness by reducing these effects, and to leave a livable clean environment for future generations by carrying out all product and production activities with environmentally friendly production methods by increasing this awareness.


  • To ensure continuous development and improvement by meeting all legal and customer requirements related to environmental aspects,
  •  Considering the environmental impacts in the design of the facility,
  •  To warn all our employees and subcontractors about our environmentally friendly policies,
  • To support interstate climate change policies by increasing energy efficiency in the existing production facility and the facilities planned to be newly established,
  •  To ensure the rational management of natural resources in a way that will allow for continuous economic development by protecting human health and natural balance, and to leave a natural, physical and social environment worthy of future generations.