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Although the material thicknesses and types we use vary according to the customer's request, our company has a quality in its own standard.

The main body of the wing body is 0.9 mm sheet metal, and 3 vertically bent sheet reinforcements of 0.9 mm and 1.5 mm sheet reinforcement are made to the hinge and lock part to support the sheet metal against heavy and strong impacts.

Galvanızed Sheet

Galvanized sheet is coated with "Zinc" in order to prevent corrosion of the metal. Galvanized is a type of sheet metal that is installed on all wet and damp floors and has no alternative. Because the galvanization in its structure is a sheet metal system that can cope with all the negativities and eliminates the pressure created by these negativities on the surface of the sheet.

What is the raw material of galvanization?

Galvanizing is the coating of steel immersed in molten zinc at 450-455 degrees. Zinc forms a triple phase layer by making strong bonds with iron.



Water Contra

Water contra is very similar to normal plywood. However, this type of plywood is used in places that are likely to absorb water, as the name suggests. Mostly beech plywood, which is obtained from durable building woods, is used in the production of the most durable water plywood.

This type of plywood is preferred in places where water is expected to be concentrated in any part of the structure. While producing this type of plywood, durable trees are preferred, while at the same time it is coated with special glues to prevent shrinkage and swelling. In this way, the water counter plate is used in a more durable way.

Laminate Coating

Laminate is a flooring material obtained as a result of compressing papers impregnated with artificial resin solution by placing them on top of each other and compressing them with the hot pressing method. Laminate is an affordable and easy to install coating, so it is one of the most preferred coating methods. Laminate surface does not need varnish or varnish like solid wood.

Wood Covering

The patterns in the coatings change according to the tree species. Thus, the arts made on wood veneers are reflected in the furniture. It offers a different beauty thanks to its unique structure and texture. Due to the trees that grow in different species according to the region, the wood, which always provides unlimited design possibilities, takes its final form with wood coatings. Wood can be preferred in order to make your place more aesthetic. However, it is shown as one of the healthiest products due to its moisture balance.

Compact Laminate

Compact laminate is one of the most preferred construction products due to its impact, abrasion, water and moisture resistant structure and its wide range of usage areas. Compact laminate is not flammable. Only when it is exposed to fire directly and at close range, certain rates of burns may occur on the surface. However, even during this combustion, the fire retardant feature of the compact laminate comes into play and the smoke during combustion does not affect human health.



Leaf Hinge

The leaf part of the 3 mm hinge and the male part of the hinge provide the movement of the leaf type hinge wing part. The up and down movement of the wing is provided by means of the slider screw bolt to the guide inside.



Kale Kilit

Another variable feature of the cylinder mortise door lock types is the number of shafts that provide the locking. The bolts of mortise locks offer high security with their 3 shaft, 4 shaft or 9 shaft options and are suitable for long-term use.



Fireproof Foam

The material also has the capacity to resist burning. Thus, it creates a safe, practical and economical solution in usage areas. The material, which is filling and mounting foam, is frequently preferred in applications in the building and construction sector.


Ceramic Wool

Ravatherm Ceramic Wool is a thermal insulation material consisting of long, flexible and interwoven fibers produced by spun (twisting and twisting) for applications between 750°C and 1430°C. Ceramic Wool; It is obtained by melting and combining aluminum, silica, zirconium raw materials at high temperature. Ravatherm Ceramic Wool blanket; It is used in industrial furnace insulation, in the insulation of boiler pipes and chimneys, in all kinds of technical insulations that require high temperatures.


Name product : ENTRANCE DOOR KVL16